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Crucible is Redbone's new Content Management System. Aimed at organisations that need to maintain large amounts of online content, Crucible is ideal for company websites and intranets, online magazines, newspapers and other periodicals.

It's also extensible. We've added modules such as our motoring plugin to allow caryards to list their inventory, and an image gallery for showing photos and artwork online.

Crucible was created with you in mind. We know that maintaining online-content can be a time consuming tasks, and our aim is to make it as simple as possible. If you can type in a word processor, then you can use Crucible.

Crucible has been built with ease-of-use in mind, but we haven't skimped on the features. Whether you're simply editing text, adding images or maintaining vehicle listings, we've made it powerful but easy to use. >>

Crucible Frequently Asked Questions
Got any questions? They may already have been answered in our Crucible FAQ. >>

Easy hosting
Don't have the resources or IT staff to host your site? With our Easy hosting package, we can arrange the hosting for you, which also includes support. Expanding your web presence has never been easier.